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Unfairness in the Workplace.

A 19 year old girl by the name of Destini Briggs, who  lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been unable to work because of her hair. Here is what I know; On Nov. 16, 2017, this young girl went into a hair shop to get her hair into a style called faux locs, on Nov. 17, 2017 she showed up to work at Pet World around 8:50, she walks into work and sits her things down and then all of a sudden her manager Sara told her that she can not clock in. Confused about that statement, she calls her mother Starla Henderson, whom is still in the parking lot,  and relays the event of what is happening. The mother, Starla, walks into the job calmly asking for the manager to “show her where in the handbook does it say that she cant have dreads in her hair” (Starla Henderson).

Sara, the manager, says that she will talk to destini about her hair but her mother just wanted to know why exactly couldn’t her daughter clock in to work. So after Destini gathers her items, Sara tells Starla to leave the store for some unknown reason. Refusing to leave and standing her ground, Starla asks the manager once again to ” Show her where in the handbook does it say that she cant have dreads in her hair and if she can get the number for corporate”, refusing to give a number to Starla, the assistant manager, Jena, steps down from the office and steps into Starla’s face stating that she needs to leave before they call the cops. Sara, who is still in the office, calls the cops and stays in the office until the police arrives.

Once arriving, three policemen stand by Destini and her mother to get the details of what happened while another goes over to Sara and Jena to get their side of what happened and also asks for a number to corporate. After trying to get the number, Officer Hansen tells the mother that he also is having a hard time getting any information from that manager and assistant manager. Officer Hansen asks to see the employee handbook and in the handbook it states for Female Employees ” Hair is to be a natural hair color and an appropriate style for retail setting”, now looking at destini’s hair, she has black locs that are neatly done and decorative string which can be easily taken out.


That Sunday, Destini received a a phone call from the store manager, Sara, saying that she will be taken off the schedule because of what happened that Friday morning. The mother, Starla, has received information that there is a Caucasian male with dreads working at one of the five privately owned Pet Worlds.


Is this story a race thing or a sex thing? Why can a Caucasian male where dreads but an African American female can’t? Why is it okay to stop a hard working, very dedicated and joyful girl from working? Why is it okay for the Supreme Court to side with the defendant because it’s their company and rules? Do you know that dreads go back almost 5 thousands years in the African American culture and that it’s apart of their heritage?

Food Desert

Not many people know what food deserts are; when people hear of it, they think of places that are deprived of food. A food desert is an urban area where it is difficult for people to obtain or afford fresh food. Many people don’t see this as a problem, and just over look it. When I asked someone if they knew what it was, and I explained, she said “They have food, that’s all that matters” (Martin). Food deserts are a growing problem in the modern United States and will continue to be until attention is brought to it.

Some people define food deserts as just areas that don’t have a farmer’s market, grocery store, or healthy food provider within walking distance. While this is true, it’s more than just that. It is also the places that are flooded with fast food restaurants and convenience stores. This allows people to make poor decisions on what to eat because it is cheaper and faster to obtain and consume than would be grocery shopping and cooking. Seven percent of people in the US suffer from food deserts. More than half of these people live in low income areas, so they do not have the money to travel to these stores or move. Data also shows that twenty-nine percent of zip codes don’t have grocery stores or supermarkets. Although this may be misleading, it could be better stated that fifty-nine percent of urban areas don’t have chain supermarkets near them (Whitacre). This means that over half of urban areas suffer from food deserts. Food deserts are overlooked so often that they are in some of our largest cities and we don’t even know it.


Black Lotus

My beautiful black


So divine and pure,

you are a deity,

the Queen of all Queens

At a young age,

your spirit walked

among the many who

has cried and suffered

My beautiful black


So spiritually awakened,

your soul becomes

powerful as your leaves unfold

Because the color of

your leaves, you are seen

different than those

of  a “pure” color

My beautiful black


You have grown

and faced the unfairness

of the world

Yet here you are my

little lotus

still strong and divine

My Queen of all Queens.